Our Philosophy


Our Mt Vernon wines will always be handcrafted and of the highest quality. Our uncompromising quality and attention to detail, captures our core identity and beliefs as the Hooper family. Vernon is the middle name which has been passed down to almost every male member of the family and also serves to honour Vernon Edward Hooper, who was a revered patriarch who passed away in Durban in 1954. Coincidently Mt Vernon, is also the name of the first US President George Washington’s home, which overlooks the pristine Potomac river in Virginia.

The Crest

We know the secret to making great wine is the attention to every detail. This entails handcrafting each wine varietal from our vineyard to the bottle. The Mt Vernon range of wines also prominently features the family crown crest, which serves as a reminder to be honest in our values and deliver on the promise to provide exceptional wines. The family crest also has a remarkable story, as it dates back to Noel Vernon Hooper, who served as a Sergeant Major in the anti-tank regiment in the South African army, in North Africa during the Second World War.